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Discover a comprehensive array of thoughtfully designed services tailored to address your health, care, and training requirements, all dedicated to nurturing your well-being and fostering personal growth.

Skilled Nursing

Expert medical care tailored to your needs, fostering swift recovery and sustained well-being.

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Physical Therapy

Restore mobility and vitality through personalized rehabilitation programs, unlocking your body's potential.

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Home Health Aide

Dedicated assistance enhancing comfort and daily life, ensuring well-being within your home.

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Personal Care Assistant

Empowering independence and comfort with attentive, personalized care tailored to your preferences.

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Alleviate isolation, nurture emotional well-being, and foster meaningful connections for a happier life.

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CPR Classes

Acquire life-saving skills through comprehensive classes, equipping you to respond confidently.

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Personal Care Assistant Course

Learn to provide dedicated care, making a meaningful impact in individuals' lives.

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Explore an array of services designed to enhance your health, well-being, and skills.

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Introducing Union Home Health Care Services LLC

Therapy Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

Opting for home care creates an impact. Many patients express a preference for recuperating at home over a hospital or care facility. Recognizing this inclination, Union Healthcare Services has crafted specialized care plans that facilitate earlier discharge, allowing patients to transition home swiftly for cost-effective and convenient long-term care.Union Healthcare Services functions as a dedicated home health care in Indianapolis, Indiana, offering skilled nursing, rehabilitative therapy, and home health aide assistance. Should the comfort of home resonate with you, we’re poised to transform it into reality.

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We Are Committed Our Mission and Vision Statement

To make Union Healthcare Services the pride of beneficiaries. A place where clients/patients are honored, dignified, and treated with utmost respect and love.

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